Landscape Maintenance Silver Spring

If you live in the Silver Spring or surrounding area and are wanting to get your landscape maintained, Great American Landscapes can help. Did you know that if you don’t get rid of the leaves on your lawn, your grass can get damaged? At Great American Landscapes, we offer services for fall that can help you dispose of your leaves so that your grass can remain healthy through the coming cold months.

After summer ends and the greenery that we were so used to fades into the orange, red, and brown shades of autumn, the leaves fall from the trees. Of course, they are nice to look at and are very festive, as long as they’re not lying in piles throughout our lawn. However, the dead leaves can leave your underlying grass damaged. The leaves can create a condition called snow mold. This happens when your lawn is not allowed to breathe. Another reason to rake or blow leaves off the grass below is because most grass in the United States, at least in the northern part of the country where we are, is cool grass. Cool grass thrives in the colder months, which is why our lawns look so luscious. These months are crucial for our grass to get the most nutrients. In the fall, this type of grass revitalizes itself, so in the spring and summer, we can fully enjoy them. However, leaves left unkempt can impede growth of your grass because it’s not receiving sunlight. Also, dead leaves are unpleasant to look at when lying on our lawns.

You can take care of your leaf problem yourself, but chances are, it will be hard to maintain as you are very busy with work, family, and every thing in between. Let us get rid of your leaves! We offer a full list of packages and services for not only fall, but year-round. We’re confident that one of these services will be right for you, or you can even work with our experts to come up with a package that works for you. So if you are in the Silver Spring area and surrounding towns, call us today at 301-972-5681 so we can take care of your landscape maintenance. We can get you set up on a lawn-care schedule that fits your needs and will keep your landscape looking great.