Planning for the Fall Season

Planning for the Fall Season

As summer comes to an end, we can all get excited about Autumn!  Along with watching football and cooking chili, there is still a lot that can AND needs to be done outside.


September and October are perfect months to plant shrubs and trees, for immediate or long term needs/goals.

If you are looking for privacy, landscaping is a great way to form a natural screen of unwanted sights and sounds.

If you find yourself thinking you have too much green, adding an accent tree is a great way to add interest to your landscape.  Install spring and summer flowering shrubs now and enjoy them next year!

Fall Annuals

Around September, summer annuals will start to get leggy, brown, and lose their appeal.  Planting pansies, mums and even ornamental cabbage will perk up your garden and flower pots.  Don’t forget about bulbs!  We will plant them under the pansies for a burst of color in the spring.


As mowing visits decrease in the fall, pruning and leaf removals take the lead.

We offer customized maintenance plans to address your needs.

Mulching in the fall is also very important for the health of your plants.

If you no longer want to tackle that pile of leaves yourself, or climb a ladder to prune your larger shrubs, call us to learn more about our maintenance services.

Our professional staff is knowledgeable in pruning techniques for all types of plants, click here to contact us for a quote.