Summer Flowers

Summer is the perfect time to make your garden pop. During the summer, all you want to do is go outside and just relax, and what pairs well with relaxation then a really good view.

Today, lets add just a bit of color to your garden. Just enough color to signal to everyone that it’s summertime!

Some of the most beautiful flowers bloom in the summer, from late June into September. So let’s enjoy the beauty while it is here.



The red color of this flower is the darkest red possible and it’s the perfect exotic plant. It’s ideal for beds and borders and will be the best accent in any floral arrangement in your garden.


These are the most popular in any garden. They come in various colors making it the perfect and essential must-have flower in your garden.


Remember the tip that carnations signify affection? Well, they are also a staple feature in any garden. They come in a wide array of colors (and if you want to be a big flower expert, brush up on the meaning behind each colored carnation!)


Another popular flower, ranking just after the one and only rose. Just like the carnation, chrysanthemums also have a variety of meanings too. The most popular colors are red, white, and yellow. Red for love, white conveys truth and loyal love, and the yellow for the slighted love.


Want your backyard to smell beautiful? Freesias are the perfect addition then. They give off that sweet, light perfume smell and, better yet, they come in an assortment of colors. A great scent and it’s beautiful? Why not include it in your garden!


The name hints at it’s exotic background. It is one of the most beautiful and colorful flowers – the symbol of summer. Put a couple of these in your garden and you’ve quickly spiced up the color and beauty of your garden.


The endless summer flower. Hydrangeas usually grow in shrubs so if you want to add some colored shrubbery next to the bushes in the front yard or back yard then this is the perfect flower to do the trick. It is the most popular flowering shrub and it quickly enhances any yard.


Just like the Greek goddess of Love this flower speaks eloquence. It’s bright purple color and floral texture will help your garden stand out in your neighborhood. Not to mention, you sure will receive tons of compliments from this flower alone.


With these flower essential go make your garden the feature of your neighborhood! Happy gardening!