3 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For Your Maryland Home

Creating your ideal landscape can be fun.

You can look through all sorts of ideas. Flower beds, water features, lighting options, and more.

From there you can mix and match landscaping ideas until you find the one ideal for you. Your yard will look amazing once you’re done with it.

We have a few projects we’ve done recently that we love. You just might love them too. Maybe even enough to use some of the ideas for your own yard.

At least, that’s what we hope we can do for you. Let’s take a look.

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Landscaping Idea #1 – Beautiful Plants Centered Around A Stream & Waterfall

It’s hard to beat a water feature in terms of the best landscaping ideas for any yard. 

Water flowing smoothly over beautiful river rocks, hitting the falls, and tumbling down into the small basin below. It creates a beautifully relaxing melody.

The Sangu Kaku tree (Japanese Maple, left) is starting to turn to its summer green color. During fall it turns a beautiful coral-red color. Put some lights in it and it creates a beautiful glow. It will make a fantastic addition next to the waterfall.

The little king birch (right) looks like a king. It rises over the other plants near the stream, like a king and his subjects.

Here, a natural stone retaining wall and a wood retaining wall hold back the land. Now that it’s level there is room for more amazing plants, like the pink astilbe waving in the back. The bird feeders bring in brightly colored birds and their songs.

It’s an ideal background to a relaxing patio.

Idea #2 – Outdoor Living Space & Stone Walkway

You can enjoy your outdoors like never before.

This wondrous back yard includes a covered porch that connects to an outdoor patio living space by way of stone slab walkway.

The outdoor living space is complete with chairs, table, couch, and grill. There’s also the amazing view of their backyard. There is a bird feeder here too.

The stone slab walkway provides a unique look. The pink hydrangeas lining it really pop next to the dark gray stone.

The wide open grassy area is great for hosting BBQ’s, playing kids, winning at corn hole, and most anything you can think of. They can also add more ideas to it.

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Idea #3 – A Bit Of Paradise

This is a backyard transformation at its finest.

A waterfall spills into a water basin. Natural stone retaining walls contain the water and cycle it back to the beginning. They match wonderfully with the stone stairs.

The plants surrounding it provide a perfect backdrop. The empty space between the towering trees and lower plants draws your eyes more downward. People can’t help but see your beautiful plants.

The stream lazily winds its way between them on the way to the rushing waterfall. Large stones provide an ideal, natural crosswalk.

What Landscaping Idea Do You Want?

We would love to know what idea(s) you want for your landscape. It doesn’t have to be one of these ideas.
Share with us in the comments below!

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