3 Landscaping Tips To Improve Curb Appeal

While improving your landscape in the back and the front is a great idea, improving your curb appeal will instantly help make your home more sellable! Before you put your house on the market, try these tips for a house buyers can’t help but pull over for!


Flowers in the Front

Create a welcoming first impression by adding color to the front of your house. Perennials provide a pop of color all year long. If your front yard is small, try adding a low fence along the street to give the illusion that the space is bigger. Who doesn’t love the romantic image of a white picket fence?


Dress Up Your Driveway

A well manicured front yard needs to include the driveway! Line the driveway with small hedges and flowers to frame the cement. If your driveway is large, add an island of grass in the center. Blend a variety of hedges and flowers in a variety of colors, textures, and heights for a great look. This will help hide your driveway and leave less of a concrete eyesore.


Add Height With Planters & Baskets

Adding elevated planters and hanging baskets creates a sea of beautiful color from high to low. This strategy creates visual interest with minimal effort. As an added bonus, plants love the good drainage and aeration that raised planters provide.