4 Tips to Protect Your Irrigation System For Winter

As the temps begin to fall, now is the perfect time to protect your irrigation system to avoid costly damage and repairs. Most homeowners are not even aware they have an issue until the spring when they try to use their system again. Here are 4 helpful tips we like to recommend.

1. Protect your sprinklers main shut off valve by insulating it from the freezing temps BEFORE you have the first freeze. After shutting off the sprinkler system, wrap the valve with insulating materials that can weather the frigid winter temps. If you do not have a main shut off valve, we suggest having one installed by a professional irrigation specialist.

If you have any above ground pipes, wrap them as well in an insulating material or better yet, bury the pipes before the first freeze.

2. Turn off automatic timers for your irrigation system. If you have a digital timer, we suggest setting it to “rain mode” or “off”. This will preserve your timer settings but will avoid the system turning on during the cold months. If you have an analog system, it is best to just power it off and then reset it when temps warm up again. If your system has a pump as well, disconnect the wires to avoid the pump overheating.

3. Drain the pipes of your irrigation system. This is usually best performed by an irrigation specialist but if your system is equipped with a drainage function, it is again advised to do this before the first freeze, even if your lines are underground.

4. Insulate and protect your irrigation systems valves and backflow preventers if they are located above ground. Reading over your system’s owner manual for more detailed instructions will ensure you perform each step of the winterization process correctly for your specific system.

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