5 Best Summer Flowers To Plant In Your Bethesda Garden

Your garden can spring to life during summer (see what we did there?). But really, you can have a beautiful garden all the way to the first frost if you use the 5 best summer flowers for planting in your Bethesda garden. They include:

  1. Gloriosa Daisy
  2. Aster
  3. Coreopsis
  4. Marigolds
  5. Dahlias

You can make your yard feel lively and fun with these blooms, an ideal setting for entertaining guests and spending your days outside.

Speaking of this ideal setting, let’s see what these summer flower favorites look like.

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1. Gloriosa Daisy, a.k.a. Black-Eyed Susan

The Maryland State Flower is definitely one of the best summer flowers to plant in your Bethesda garden:

Gloriosa daisy in full golden orange bloom as an amazing summer flower

From bright yellow fringes to burnt orange centers, Gloriosa Daisies are summer in flower form. They’ll bloom these beautiful colors all summer long, sometimes even up to the first frost. With around 90 varieties to choose from you just may find the perfect one for your garden.

You’ll be able to see them from anywhere in your yard as they can grow 3+ feet tall. Plus they can self-germinate so you’ll never run out!

If you love hummingbirds you should definitely have this flower in your garden too.

2. Aster, The Decorative Flower

If you want blues and purples among your flowers then asters could be the best summer flower for you. They also symbolize good luck and love, and we could all use a little more of both.

They are called asters because of their star-shaped petals (aster means star in Greek):

Purple asters looking amazing as one of the best summer flowers for garden planting

Depending on the type you get they can grow anywhere from 8 inches to 8 feet in height. The two most popular plants only grow up to 4 feet though, so you may not have a towering flower in your yard.

Like marigolds, asters were also used for medicinal purposes, although people went one step further and sometimes smoked it to get rid of negative energy.

Fun Fact: asters are actually in the sunflower family, not the daisy family many mistake it for.

3. Coreopsis, The Cheerful Flower

If you want to give someone beautiful flowers from your own garden then you will want to grow these beautiful summer flowers.

They are some of the best summer flowers for a bouquet, which is why they are the cheerful flower:

Cheerful coreopsis beautifully blooming as a summer flower

You may start to notice more butterflies in your garden with these flowers, it’s like they can’t get enough of them. This is especially true because as a ground cover plant it tends to spread out quickly.

They usually start blooming in June and go through the first frost.

You will see them bloom the colors of the sunset, usually in the yellow to orange areas. Some can be white, pink, red, and even multi-colored, though these are man-made hybrids.

They can reach 1-4 feet in height and cover about 16 inches of ground per plant.

4. Marigolds, The Versatile Flower

You will see they come in varieties of red, gold, and orange, once again a perfect summer flower. They’re also great for beginner gardeners as they are quite easy to grow. They can grow 6-48 inches tall and spread up to 3 feet wide.

Marigolds are one of the best flowers because of their medicinal benefits. Well, we might not use them for that anymore but that’s beside the point.

Marigolds can contain anti-viral/bacterial/fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them super unique as a flower in general. Their flowers are edible too and you can mix them in with salads or as a dessert garnish.

They can also be used in essential oils, textiles, and dyes. Marigolds are easily one of the most versatile flowers.

Some people say they can keep away certain pests, but this has yet to be proven.

5. Dahlia, The Veggie Flower

Originally considered a vegetable (weird, right) Dahlias are now one of the most popular and attractive summer flowers. Well, their tubers are edible so it could be a vegetable, but they work so much better as a flower:

Beautiful pink dahlia a perfect summer flower for planting

If you want a huge range in size then this is definitely the plant for you.

Dahlias can grow from 1 foot and higher, some taller than the average person with the flowers themselves being able to grow as large around as a dinner plate. That’s about 1 foot in diameter.

Their color range is even more impressive, including almost every color except blue, which people are still trying to create today.

You can also say you have Queen Victoria’s favorite flower in your garden.

Find The Summer In Your Garden

Whether you’re looking for a little variety or want to transform your yard these flowers are sure to fit right in. Speaking of summer plants, do you have any that are drought-resistant?

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