Landscape Maintenance DC

If you are in the DC area or surrounding communities and are ready to have you landscape serviced, trust the professionals at Great American Landscapes. We specialize in beautiful landscape maintenance packages that are beautiful and ecologically responsible.

These days, it seems like all we worry about is how “green” something is. We are cautious about how much we damage the ozone. We eat organic food. We try our best to be ecologically conscious. That’s great! Why don’t we spread that idea to our grass?

There’s a way to go organic when it comes to our lawncare, and it’s about going back to our roots. Pun intended.

Instead of tossing artificial fertilizers and treatments and chemicals into our lawns, let’s treat them like the oxygen-producing, human life-saving things they are and do things the natural way. It may be because you want to make sure you want to protect your pets, or just want to protect the groundwater that comes from runoff, but we can naturally fertilize our lawns. We do this with nitrogen.

Maybe you’ve seen those big bales of hay on farmland and wondered what they’re for. They’re not there for a little bit of Americana decoration. Hay releases nitrogen every time it rains, which is great for our grass. Hay also helps your lawn maintain moisture, which means less watering. Hay is available for ordinary homeowners, too. If you look around, you might even find it being given away.

To learn more about ways to add natural fertilizers to your lawncare routine, give Great American Landscapes a call. We can help you decide what your lawn and garden need to thrive and look beautiful year-round.

Great American Landscapes has many solutions for any of your fall landscaping needs, as well as any services you need done throughout the rest of the year. If you’re ready to have your lawn and plants prepared for fall, check out some of the packages and services we offer So if you are in the Great Falls area and surrounding towns, call us today at 301-972-5681 so we can take care of your landscape maintenance. We can get you set up on a lawn-care schedule that fits your needs and will keep your landscape looking great.