About Us

Serving Clients Since 1984.

Great American Landscapes is a full service, design, build and maintenance landscape contracting company. We have been serving residential, commercial and institutional clients in the greater Washington area since 1984.  


Our Residential Clients

Our residential clients include everyone from first time home owners to those building their dream home. A large majority  come to use us through referrals or as repeat customers. Regardless of how they find us, they tend to stay and it is our great pleasure to count so many long term customers as old friends.


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Our Commercial Clients

Our commercial clients include property owners, property managers and residential home owner associations.  These clients rely on us to create a specific maintenance program to meet the budgetary requirements of each property. Regardless of the program chosen, our commercial clients trust that we provide the highest quality of landscape maintenance services to protect and enhance the value of their properties.

Our Institutional Clients

Our institutional clients include private organizations such as places of worship, private schools, cemeteries and other non-profit organizations. We have found that ‘institutional’ and ‘commercial’ clients are actually quite different: the former tend to demand a higher level of quality, service, and ‘polish’ than they find in the typical ‘commercial’ contractor. Over the years we have discovered that we are uniquely suited for and quite enjoy filling this niche.


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Responsibility and Accountability

“Full Service” is the most overused and vague adjective in the contracting industry. What other companies mean by this, we can’t say—at Great American however, we simply mean;

RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY to our clients for their total landscape project and entire contracting experience from start to finish.

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