Adding Curb Appeal

Fall may be here but that doesn’t mean that you should stop enhancing the exterior of your home.

Have your home stand out in the fall with these tips to quickly stand out:


1. Even though the cold is quickly approaching, you should still green up your lawn the best that you can. Consider fertilizing your lawn once more before the switch to winter. You want your grass to be durable throughout the winter, plus why not green up your home a little bit? It surely will bring up the attractiveness of your outdoors.


2. Add some color. There are some great colorful plants for the fall season! The colors to look for are the bright oranges, yellows, greens, and reds. These colors are the perfect fall accents for your home and will show that not only are you current with the season but it shows your hard work to maintain your garden.


3. Install landscape lighting. The best lighting fixtures are the solar powered ones that you can buy just about anywhere. These can quickly be installed around the outdoor of your home and will brighten up your home at night and the light fixture will accent the certain areas of the home that you want to emphasize. Plus, the fact that they’re solar powered means you don’t have to do any work! The sun will provide the electricity, providing curb appeal at a low cost!


4. Plant a tree or two. We all need a tree in our backyard, plus it’s good for the environment. Trees are also very functional for every season. For the summer, if placed properly, it will provide the right amount of shade.


Try out these tips and let us know if it has enhanced your curb appeal!