April Gardening Tips

The best thing about spring is all the beautiful flowers and plants that bloom! If you love gardening or are looking to get started, you know April is a busy season. Here is what should be on the to-do list for April:


-Keep rows covered until the risk of winter weather is totally gone. Remember to remove them on hot days!


-This is the time to prepare new annual beds by turning compost or other organic material blended with a slow-release fertilizer into the soil


-In April, you can still start warm weather flowers and vegetables indoors, like zinnias, asters, marigolds, sage, tomatoes and peppers.


-April is the season for cool season crops like sugar peas, lettuce and greens.


-Once your spring bulbs bloom like daffodils, don’t cut the leaves! Keep the foliage until it begins to turn yellow. They need those leaves to make new bulbs for next year’s flowers.


-It’s herb time! Plant herbs after the danger of frost has passed. You can plant herbs directly into the ground or in containers.


What are you planting this spring? We’d love to help you get your dream garden with our professional landscape design services.