Backyard Design Ideas: 4-Part Backyard Makeover In Bethesda

The Joyce’s backyard design ideas center around their love of hosting their friends and family events. So that they can do this, they are turning their backyard into an outdoor living space. Their plan calls for building a covered porch with electricity, renovating the pool, adding a stone veneer to a wall, redoing the concrete around the pool, installing Travertine pavers, fencing, drainage, landscaping, and more.

You can see the process and the stunning results of the Joyce’s plan below.

“I think we should let ‘em do it.”

“Well, yes, they have done great work for us before and they maintain our landscape, but do you think they can handle a project this big?”

Right now, the Joyces are debating on who they should let build their dream backyard. For a project as large as they are planning it needs to be a contractor with experience, a great crew(s), and one they can trust.

It is a big project afterall. They want to remodel their entire backyard:

Before implementing backyard design ideas for deck

The 4 main parts include building a covered porch, landscaping their backyard, creating a new look for their main wall, and renovating the pool.

“Honey, here, take a look at the pictures they have on their website. Some of their previous outdoor living space projects are as big as ours.” 

“Wow, these’re spectacular! Yeah, let’s give ‘em a call ‘n see if they can work with us.”

The Joyces are talking about Great American Landscapes for who to do their backyard design ideas. The estimate an architect they are looking at working with is coming back too high for them.

They end up choosing Great American Landscapes. Let’s see if the couple can finish their project in time for a Memorial Day party.

1. A Comfortable Covered Porch For Relaxing Summer Days

The first and most fun idea the Joyces have is a covered porch. The deck area they have now is at the mercy of the sun and doesn’t look very comfortable:

An open area back deck in need of renovation

The Joyce family wants more of an outdoor living room than a deck. This backyard design idea makes for a more comfortable setting and it looks amazing.

Here is the rendered form of the idea they and Great American Landscapes put together:

Rendering of backyard design ideas

Now they just have to take it from rendered design to completed project. It’ll take a while too because it also involves electrical work. This porch will have fans and a tv too.

The Joyces think it’s coming along quite well. But when they see the final product they are completely blown away:

Now, this covered porch wouldn’t be complete without a great view, would it?

2. Landscaping A Beautiful Backyard

What the Joyces see in their backyard is a grassy hill. Well, semi-grassy. It turns into a muddy mess after it rains, kind of like this:

Slope and upper level terrace in need of backyard landscaping ideas

The Joyces want an area for their 2 young boys to run around and play. Mud pits are fun and all until two little mud monsters start running around inside.

They don’t want this anymore. The couple is planning on flattening out the upper area, putting in retaining walls and natural areas, installing a play place, and creating proper drainage.

The result is even better than they were expecting:

Now their kids have a great area to play in and the Joyces can enjoy the view their backyard now offers.

But it still isn’t complete. The next of these backyard design ideas will help the Joyces give a more natural look to their yard.

3. Stone Veneer Walls For A More Natural Look

The retaining wall behind the pool isn’t in great shape. The plaster it’s made from is peeling and the lights are starting to fall out:

Retaining wall falling apart

This can’t stay the same if the Joyces want to host get-togethers and family events. To change this they decide to give the wall a makeover so it looks more natural:

They decide on a natural stone veneer to go over it. This way they don’t need an entirely new wall. Instead, they can repair the old wall a little and then put the veneer over it. It has a huge impact on the overall look of the yard:

Completing the backyard design idea of a stone veneer retaining wall

The Joyces can feel their excitement rising as the project nears completion. Their backyard only has 1 more part to makeover.

4. Renovating The Pool So It Looks Brand New

Before they even get to the water the Joyces have to walk over a broken pool deck. The pool itself isn’t in great shape either:

Pool and pool deck looking in need of renovation

It’s dirty, old, and doesn’t work that well. That’s why the Joyces are revamping it so it will look better than before.

Completed pool and pool deck

The Joyces love their new pool. It looks inviting, as though it wants them to come relax beside the water or go for a nice afternoon dip.

3 months into 2019 and their project is all done. The Joyces were able to finish their project in time to throw an amazing Memorial Day party.

Bring Your Backyard Design Ideas To Life

Over 1 year after hosting the Memorial Day party with their new landscape the Joyces are still enjoying their amazing backyard. They have been hosting family events, friends, and the best get-togethers. You can have a backyard like this one too.

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