Backyard Patio Ideas And Additions You’ll Love To Use For Your Project

You Can Use These Outdoor Patio Additions And Ideas To Create Your Ideal Backyard

A few of the best backyard patio ideas and additions include fire ring sitting areas, sitting walls, pergolas, outdoor lighting, adding pathways, and more.

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But What About Ours?

“They can have whatever they want, but what about for our patio?” asks Emma.

Shane leans back in his chair as he thinks. “I mean, I’m sure we would make more headway looking up backyard patio ideas on Google. Also, outdoor patio additions because we’ll end up wanting more,” he says with a smile.

Emma giggles. “You know us so well. And that’s a great idea. It’d be even better if we look at local contractor’s websites for photos. We might find someone who can do our project too.”

“Making my ideas even better! That’s one of the reasons I love you,” says Shane happily. “We should also try to learn some hardscape basics so we know more about what it takes to build one.” The couple picks up their phones and starts searching through Google.

Here’s some of what they find:

Backyard Patio Ideas

Backyard makeover before and after pictures from grass and plants to outdoor living space

A few ideas for backyard patios we’re seeing include outdoor kitchens, sitting walls, fire rings, fire pits, and the different materials you can choose for it to be made from. These are ideas because they’re built into the original patio design.

Outdoor kitchens are a great idea for patios
Adding a small patio and walkway and graveled drainage swale
Fire pit with sitting area

Outdoor Patio Additions

String lights through a pergola over a patio

Some additions to outdoor patios people get are dining areas, pergolas, lighting, landscaping, and pathways. They’re additions because people add them after they build their patio.

Patio and Back Yard Potomac
Bethseda Paver Patio Pergola Grill Firepit Landscaping and Lighting
Patio outdoor living space built using backyard patio ideas

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“These ideas and additions look great!” says Emma excitedly. “Makes me want to see what else we can find on this blog!” says Shane as he starts pressing links.

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