Backyard Pools Ideas And Designs Clients In Maryland Love

See What Kinds Of Pools People In Maryland, Virginia, And DC Have Us Build For Their Homes

These backyard pool ideas and designs are ones clients have had us build for their homes. Now they have a beautiful space in which to relax and enjoy life.

See the pictures below-

We Have To Get One!

“A pool would be soooo perfect for us!” exclaims Shane.

Emma frowns and nods. “Go on.” Shane smiles. “We can’t really go anywhere right now, including the pool. So, why not bring it to us? The kids’ll love it, we’ll love it, and our friends and their kids will love it.”

Emma smiles dreamily. “I’d love to go float around and destress after work every day. Maybe I’ll even do some laps for exercise. Ooooo then I could get out and stand near the firepit…well, once we look up some fire pit designs and install one.”

Shane pulls out his phone. “This idea came to me when I saw some backyard pool ideas and designs a local contractor did. They look amazing, here, like this one:” 

Pool with paver stone deck and poolhouse

Emma lets out a little gasp. “Wow, that’s incredible! Do you have any more pictures? Maybe we can find some backyard pool designs we like and can copy.”

Shane nods and pulls up the following:

Backyard Pool Ideas And Designs

These backyard pools are in client’s yards in Maryland and the surrounding areas. Most clients had us handle the bulk of the design. Some did have a few ideas they wanted us to work in for them. Here are the results of the pool designs and ideas:

Pool with hot tub next to relaxing patio area
Multi layer pool with waterfalls dropping into a shallow end that has umbrellas
Pool and urn fountain water features with lighting
Backyard pool design with landscaping
Pool with stepping stones across it at night
Smaller pool spilling into larger pool

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“Wow, I wish we had one in our backyard right now!” says Emma excitedly. Shane grins. “Right?! While we don’t have one right now, we can work on getting one. Let’s see what else we can find on this blog.”

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