15 Backyard Water Feature Ideas You’ll Want For Your Home

Use These Water Feature Ideas To Make Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Backyard A Peaceful Paradise

You can use any of these backyard water feature ideas to make your home even more amazing. From pools to birdbaths each idea can bring something unique to your home. Many of them also come with the relaxing sights and peaceful sounds of flowing water. 

Waterfall and small pond next to stairs is one of many possible backyard water feature ideas

I Know Exactly What’s Missing

“I feel like our yard needs something…something more.”

Lois frowns, deep in thought as she tries to figure out what’s missing from her yard. She’s loved how it’s looked for the past couple years but now…

“I’m not sure hon,” Clark, her husband, replies. “Do you want to go on a hike and find a nice stream or lake to sit beside and think about it?” Lois raises her head (and her eyebrows) with a small gasp as inspiration strikes her like a thunderbolt.

“You’re a genius, Clark! We can put some sort of water feature in our own backyard. I’m going to look up backyard water feature ideas to see what I can find.”

Lois pulls out her phone and searches the web to see what she can find. Once she gets some ideas she’ll need to find a water feature contractor.

1. Bird Bath

You can use bird baths to attract beautiful little songbirds to your backyard. They’re easy to take care of as long as you make sure to have them cleaned and maintained 3 or so times per year.

Bird baths are the best of these backyard water feature ideas for attracting birds

Lois likes this idea because she’s always loved the songs birds sing. She can also add a bird feeder and a birdhouse and create a little bird paradise!

2. Double Pond

This here is a very unique setup as side-by-side ponds aren’t normally requested or designed. You could even call this design a his-and-hers pond. One person can design and take care of their pond and the other person theirs so everyone can make their pond look the way they want.

Double ponds almost like his and hers ponds are a great backyard water feature idea for couples

Lois tells Clark about this idea and he seems interested, but not to the point where she’s going to stop looking.

3. Streams

These long, flowing backyard water feature ideas can add interest to any landscape whether it’s flat or hilly.

Streams are a nice backyard water feature especially for hills

Many people enjoy the sound of water as it tumbles down the rocks into a gravel or water basin below.

4. Small Accent Stream

Smaller streams can accentuate your garden features and make your garden area seem like your house was built around a natural paradise.

They also look great next to houses.

Smaller accent streams are fantastic for gardens and beside homes

Lois likes streams but she wants more than just that for their backyard.

5. Large Stream And Pond

Streams and ponds can work together to make a landscape look amazing. The stream can wind it’s way down and around your yard until it spills over a waterfall into your pond.

You can even have multiple drops in your waterfall to make the sound of falling water even more noticeable.

Large stream and backyard pond as a water feature idea

This is more Lois’ speed but she wants to see what other backyard water features ideas are out there.

6. Large Fountain

You can bring a piece of Versaille home with you by installing a larger, beautiful fountain in your backyard. It doesn’t need to be the same huge size but it can certainly make your home feel like a palace.

You can relax next to it, enjoying the warm sun and peaceful sound the water makes. Fountains can also make for great background noise during parties or dinners.

Large fountains can make you feel like your backyard is a palace garden

Now Lois can’t get the image of a having Versaille fountain in her backyard out of her head. It’s going to be hard choosing between these backyard water feature ideas…

7. Natural Rock Fountains

If you want a more natural look for your fountain then look no further than natural rock fountains. It can look as though someone struck it with a pickaxe, causing a small stream of water to bubble out.

Natural rock fountains are a great backyard water feature idea

They work wonderfully with other water features and as part of a garden.

8. Waterfall And A Small Pond

If you think you don’t have room for a water feature then fear not! For smaller areas, you can still add in beautiful water features like this smaller waterfall and pond:

Smaller waterfalls and ponds are possible for backyards

Now Lois is wondering if she can combine more than 2 water features.

9. Pools And Fountains

Hear the sound of bubbling water even from your pool! Whether you’re dipping your toes in or lounging on a raft you can relax even more with the peaceful sound of flowing water.

10. Pools And Waterfalls

You can bring the sound and even feel of falling water closer by having waterfalls falling into your pond! The best part is you can sit or stand under it for a nice, gentle massage along with the sound.

Pool with waterfall spilling into it next to patio area

If she’s going to have a pool it’ll be the first backyard water feature idea she has done. Everything else would have to come after. Maybe she could install a pond people can swim in.

11. Pools And Streams

Like with fountains, you can add a stream near your pool (or a pool near your stream) so you can have the sound of flowing water while you relax near it.

Pool with waterfall and stream behind it and waterfalls falling into it

12. Pool With Additions

This hot tub spills a small waterfall into the pool next to it. You can slide out of the pool and warm up next to the fireplace or just hang out in the hot tub on the other side.

This pool has a hot tub water-falling into it and a nice outdoor living space next to it

13. Multi-Layer Pool

There isn’t a much better way to enjoy the waters of a pool than by relaxing in the shallow end under an umbrella with a waterfall splashing into the pool behind you. As far as relaxing outdoor living spaces go this one may be the best on this page.

Multi layer pool with waterfalls and umbrellas in the shallow end

Lois’ eyes widen a little after seeing this backyard water feature idea. It looks a-maz-ing.

14. A Natural Diving Platform

You can make your pool feel more like a natural part of the landscape by including a rock diving/jumping platform. It’s like you’re bringing a small part of the cliffs by the lake back home with you.

Bring some of the diving cliffs by the lake back home with you with this natural rock diving platform

15. Combine Them!

You (and Lois) can combine these ideas to create a beautiful and truly unique backyard. Could you imagine having a stream winding its way down your yard until it spills over a waterfall into a pond that sits next to a pool with a patio?

Lois’ Plan For Backyard Water Features

Clark looks up as Lois comes hurrying towards him. “Let’s start with a pool like this one with the umbrellas and waterfalls and then have a stream with a fountain at the top next to it and a birdbath in the garden over here.”

Clark loves the enthusiasm and the ideas she has. They will have to come up with a plan and a budget first along with finding the right contractor to bring it to life.

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