11 Backyard Makeover Before And After Pictures You’ll Love

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See Pictures Of Real Backyard Projects Clients Had Us Do In And Around Maryland

You will want to do something with your backyard after seeing these backyard makeover before and after pictures from projects around Maryland.

Find the pictures below-


“About which part,” grumbles Shane.

Emma sighs. “After looking at all of those wonderful backyard makeover before and after pictures our yard looks even worse.” A look of surprise crosses Shane’s face. “What pictures now?”

“I was looking up pictures for ideas. Our backyard has been an eyesore for long enough. The patchiness, uneven ground, lack of good plantings, and the fact that it’s mostly grass make it…undesirable,” points out Emma. 

Shane puffs out a bit of air. “Wow. The way you describe it does make it look even worse than I thought. What kind of ideas did you get from those pictures?” Emma unlocks her phone and pulls up a webpage. “I don’t want to bias your opinions by telling you mine. Here, let’s just look at the pictures again. They’re from projects around Maryland by this one company.”

Shane walks over to Emma, saying “We should probably look into landscape designers. I’m sure there are several reasons for hiring one.

Here’s what Emma shows Shane:


These backyard makeover before and after pictures range in how much is changed. Sometimes all a client wants is a patio and a pathway. Other times it’s a full makeover including the pool, plantings, and a playground. One even added a water feature to their backyard!

“These are real? And near us?! This is awesome, I can’t wait for our backyard to look like this!” says Shane excitedly. Emma smiles up at him. “Me either! We can look around this blog for more stuff while we talk ideas.”

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