Best Native Plants for Maryland

Spring will be here before you know it, have you thought about what May flowers you’re hoping for after those April showers? Using plants that are natural to our climate and environment will make them more likely to be successful, and will encourage local wildlife like birds and butterflies to come visit your yard! Here are some ideas of natural plants to add to your yard.


Wild Anemone

This plant is easy to grow, and has large white flowers that scream spring! It thrives in moist soils rich in organic matter, so be ready to fertilize. This plant is a great groundcover, and within just one growing season, it can easily fill in a large space.

Name: Anemone canadensis

Growing Conditions: Shade to part sun and well-drained soil


Yellow Ladie’s Slipper Orchid

Why not add a statement-making flower to your garden! The striking slipper-shaped yellow flowers will make you the talk of the neighborhood. Warning, they will take a while to get established, but it is so worth it.

Name: Cypripedium parviflorum

Growing Conditions: Part shade and moist, acidic soil

Size: To 16 inches tall


Carolina Lupine

This bright yellow flowering plant offers vibrant pea-like flowers and fuzzy foliage. It grows well and adds a needed pop of color for the spring.

Name: Thermopsis villosa

Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil


Give us a call for landscape design that uses these beautiful native plants!