9 Best Summer Flowers To Plant In Your Maryland Garden

These Are Some Of Our Favorite Flowers For Planting During Our Maryland Summers

These are some of the best summer flowers to plant in Maryland gardens. You can beautify your yard with Gloriosa daisies, zinnia, lisianthus, aster, and more.

See what they look like and learn a bit about them in this post-

Creating A Rainbow Garden

“I’ve decided- we’re making a plant rainbow for our summer garden this year!”

Amanda lets a smile play over her face as she thinks about what their garden is going to look like. “And how are you planning to do that?” David asks.

“I’m going to look up the best summer flowers to plant in our Maryland garden. Get a long list, look at how much care they need plus their color, then buy and plant them,” she answers easily. 

She’ll want to make sure any summer flowers she buys will survive in Maryland’s hardiness zone.

David smiles. “Mind if I help? It sounds like a fun project!” Amanda beams and gives him a hug. “Of course, I’d love that! Let’s start looking them up right now.” She gets out her phone and looks up flowers to plant in the summer in Maryland.

Here are the 9 summer flowers she finds-

1. Gloriosa Daisy (Black-Eyed Susans)

“The best part is that this is Maryland’s state flower!”

Gloriosa daisies are one of the best summer flowers for planting in Maryland

This beautiful flower blooms the color of summer. They’ll show off their flowers from around mid-summer up to the first fall frost. There are tons of varieties to choose from too.

Black-Eyed Susans love areas that get full to partial sun. They attract butterflies and are deer-resistant. This summer flower usually grows 2-3 feet tall, making them easy to see in almost any part of a garden.

You don’t want them to dry out so it’s good to check on them regularly. They come as either annuals or perennials.

“They really do look like summer in flower form! I wonder what’s next on this list of best summer flowers for Maryland.”

2. Zinnia

“Apparently these are great flowers for beginners.”

Pink zinnia flowers are a great summer flower for planting

Zinnia germinates and grows to the flowering stage quite quickly. They love full sun areas and loamy, moderately moist soil. They bloom from summer until around the first fall frost. 

The plants come in different heights so you can choose which one you want. They are annuals so you’ll have to replant them every year. 

“This is the ideal flower for bouquets! I wonder if the next summer flower will be too?”

3. Lavender

“It’s a flower and an herb? That’s great!”

Purplish blue lavender flowers are a great summer flower

Lavender blooms in the summer and works best in areas with a lot of sun. This plant loves well-drained soil. It has a strong, wonderful scent you won’t be able to resist.

Lavender attracts pollinators and people. You can harvest it and use it to make your home smell wonderful or as gifts for friends.

“That’s a great idea! I know my friends would love this. Lavender really is one of the best summer flowers to plant in Maryland.”

4. Lisianthus

“They kind of look like roses.”

Lisianthus with white blooms

Lisianthus flowers are an annual plant that loves full sun and loamy, well-drained soil. They can grow 6-40 inches tall. Make sure to try and keep them moist but don’t overwater them. 

They do need more care than other summer flowers but it can be worth it!

“Lisianthus might be great if I want a bit of a challenge this year.”

5. Aster

“Ooooo aster symbolizes good luck and love!”

Purple aster flowers are great for summer planting

This perennial summer flower loves full sun and loamy, moist, well-drained soil. They work great as a border flower and in rock gardens. 

Aster also needs more care than some flowers. Their name comes from the Greek word for star, which they get from the shape of their petals.

6. Hydrangea

“This flowering shrub is one of my favorite summer flowers!”

Purplish blue hydrangeas are a beautiful summer flower for planting in Maryland

Hydrangeas can grow in full sun, part sun, or shady areas. They’re pretty easy to grow and care for too. Plus, these flowers will come back year after year if you take care of them properly.

There are many different types of hydrangeas so it’ll be good to do some research into that before you purchase one.

7. Coreopsis

“This cheery flower is great for bouquets too.”

Yellow and red coreopsis flower has the colors of summer

You may start to notice more butterflies in your garden with these flowers. It’s like they can’t get enough of them. As a ground cover plant, it tends to spread out quickly. You’ll usually see them start blooming in June through to the first frost. They love full sun and are drought-tolerant.

You will see them bloom the colors of the sunset, usually in the yellow to orange areas. Some can be white, pink, red, or even multi-colored (though these are man-made hybrids). They can reach 1-4 feet in height and cover about 16 inches of ground per plant.

8. Marigolds

“It’d be cool to have a medicinal flower in the garden.”

Orange and yellow marigolds blooming in summer

Marigolds were once used for their medicinal benefits such as anti-viral/bacterial/fungal and anti-inflammatory. Their flowers are edible too and you can mix them in with salads or as a dessert garnish. 

They love sunny areas and can grow in almost any soil. 

You’ll see them in varieties of red, gold, and orange, making marigolds a perfect summer flower to plant in any Maryland garden. They’re also great for beginner gardeners as they are quite easy to grow. They can grow 6-48 inches tall and spread up to 3 feet wide.

9. Dahlias

“It was once considered a vegetable?!”

Pink dahlia flowers beautifully blooming

Now, this once vegetable is one of the most popular and attractive summer flowers. Dahlias can grow 1 foot and higher, some taller than the average person. The flowers themselves can grow as large around as a dinner plate (that’s about 1 foot around).

Their color range is even more impressive, including almost every color except blue, which people are still trying to create today. They love full sun and loamy soil. 

You can also say you have Queen Victoria’s favorite flower in your garden.

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“Now all I need to do is choose which ones I want from this list. Then I can create my rainbow garden! I wonder what else I can find about plants or landscaping on this site…”