Best Summer Flowers

Revitalize your garden with bright and bold flowers, perfect for the summer season. Just a few new plants can make your yard feel lively and fun, perfect for entertaining or evenings spent outside.

Gloriosa daisy or black-eyed Susan features bright orange petals with a black center. It grows up to 3.5 ft tall, outlasting the season. They should be perfect as a backdrop for low-lying bedding plants in your front yard. Gloriosa daisy attracts beneficial insects and even hummingbirds, great for your vegetable garden.

Coreopsis means “to be cheerful.” Exactly the feeling evoked by these lovely blooms swaying in the summer breeze. Gardeners who want to attract butterflies to their garden can depend on coreopsis to do a good job at it. These summer flowers are common in North, Central, and South America. They’re wildflowers so you know they’re tolerant of different soil and dry weather.

Dahlias host a variety of different shapes and colors. But its distinct look is a ball-shaped flower head with clustered petals. Different types grow to different heights and sizes and even have different needs.

Marigolds are easy to grow and care for and they attract beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. Then, they drive out harmful insects. This is why you will see marigolds lining the borders of vegetable plots.