Cool Plants to Grow In Your Yard

Looking to go beyond tulips and daisies? Expand your horizons and try planting something new and exciting in your yard! Whether it’s something to eat, something that blooms, or just something that looks cool, it’s worth checking out.

Check these out, and give us a call to see if they’re the right choice for your yard!

2. Alpine strawberries.

If you like strawberries, you’ll love this wild, intensely flavored variety. Alpine strawberries produce small, delightful fruits all season.

3. Amaranth. 

If you’ve tried to grow spinach (particularly in warmer temperatures) and failed, this red-streaked, leafy green is for you. Amaranth is one of the only greens that will grow well in hot, humid conditions.

4. Black (Indigo Rose) tomatoes. 

The Indigo Rose tomato is a striking color that looks like its from another world. It was made by scientists at Oregon State University, who bred red and purple tomato varieties with the goal of yielding an antioxidant-rich crop. It’s healthier than normal tomatoes too!

5. Passionflower.

Varieties of this intriguing flowering vine grow natively in much of the United States.

The plant’s beautiful flowers have an unusual structure. For this reason, large bees, hummingbirds, and bats primarily pollinate the plant.


Give these plants a try and you’ll have the coolest (and tastiest!) yard on the block.