Do You Have An Uneven Watering System?

It is not necessary to water your lawn everyday. As a general rule, more plants are killed through over-watering than under-watering. Understand the properties of the soil in your area. Water penetrates and behaves differently in differing types of soil — e.g., sandy or loose soil vs. clay.

To determine if your watering system is effective, you’ll need to find out how deeply the water is penetrating into the soil. Pick an inconspicuous spot where you’ve been irrigating. About 30 minutes after watering, dig a small hole with a shovel and use your hand to check how deeply the water has penetrated.

To check whether your watering system is working evenly across your yard, here’s a trick you can use to test it. Take some plastic cups and place them around your yard before you water. You can place a few coins in the bottoms of the cups to prevent them from blowing over.

Once the cups are placed, turn on your sprinkler system. Water will collect in the cups as you water. After watering for about 30 minutes, compare the level of water in each of the cups. You may discover that there is more water in some of the cups than in others.  This is how you know you have an uneven watering system!