Dos and Don’ts of Pool Landscaping

A cool, refreshing pool can be one of the best things about summer. But your pool creates an aesthetic. For many pool owners, the right pool landscaping can take that aesthetic to the next level, creating a pleasant environment and boosting a home’s curb appeal.

But there are some dos and don’ts of landscaping your pool, starting with the planning process. Here are some tips to help you beautify your pool area.

Don’t Skip the Planning Step

As with any landscaping, it’s important to have your pool area completely planned out before you get started. Even a crude drawing can help your landscaper know what you have in mind. Humidity tends to rise around pool areas, so you’ll need to plan for vegetation that can survive those conditions. Plants will also need to be able to withstand exposure to pool chemicals in case they get splashed.

Do Keep Safety in Mind

The first priority of pool landscaping is to create a safe environment. If there’s a possibility outsiders could use your pool when you’re not around, secure fencing is a must. But you should also keep visibility in mind when you’re mapping out your landscaping. You won’t want a plant or shrub that blocks your ability to keep an eye on your little ones.

Don’t Create a Mess

Plants and flowers can shed. Plant the wrong vegetation near your pool and you’ll constantly find yourself pulling leaves and petals out of the water. Items should be strategically planted to keep your pool attractive without creating more work.

Don’t Forget Comfort

A pool can be a home’s oasis. But there are a few things that can make it better. Having shaded seating will let you relax and enjoy the view even on hot days. Water features can give you that relaxing whoosh sound that creates a vacation in your own back yard. If you have a tough time enjoying your pool because your pool area isn’t private, strategically planted shrubbery can keep prying eyes away.

Do Work with an Expert

Landscapers have extensive horticulture expertise, which means you’ll get the right plants on the first try. A landscaper will not only know which plants work best in your area of the country, but will also factor in the elevated humidity that comes with a pool. An expert can also help plan your pool landscaping design.

If you live in the greater Washington, D.C. area, Great American Landscapes can help with your pool landscaping needs. Fill out our questionnaire or call us at (301) 972-5681 to have a quick consultation with one of our design experts.

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