14 Driveway Ideas With Pictures For Landscaping, Lighting, And More

See What Your Neighbors In Maryland Are Doing To Improve The Entrance To Their Homes

A few of the great driveway ideas people near you are using include permeable driveways, shrubs for landscaping and edging, and uplighting along the way.

Discover the rest and what they look like below-

It Drives Away My Sanity!

Emma tries to hold back her laughter at Shane’s unintentional joke.

“Hahahaaa,” laughs Shane. “I didn’t even mean to do that! Okay, that’s helping me calm down. I just lost it coming down the driveway. It’s uneven and I keep running over the same patch of grass.”

Emma wipes the tears of laughter from her eyes. “I know that patch well myself. So, we agree on improving the driveway area next?” Shane nods. “Let’s look up some driveway ideas. It’ll certainly be one of the best ways to improve our curb appeal.”

“And driveway edging ideas, driveway landscaping ideas, and driveway lighting ideas,” adds Emma. “We might as well plan on going all in and cut back if we have to.” Shane nods as they pick up their phones to look on Google.

Here’s what they find and share with each other:

Driveway Ideas

1. Permeable Driveways

Dry permeable paver driveway

These are great for areas that see a lot of rainfall (or if you just want a less floodable driveway.) They allow the water to flow through their grooves and away. You can choose from paver or pea gravel styles.

2. Large Stone Tiles

Large stone block tiles driveway

This is one look you can choose for your driveway. 

3. Circular Ending

Circular ending to driveway

This is fun and useful! You can use it to turn around for one. Guests can also park here. Plus, it’s a look that’s pleasing to the eye.

4. Bridge

Bridge driveway over a swale

Whether you need one because of the landscape or you like the look, bridges are a great driveway idea. They look cool and impressive, and they’re useful. 

5. Circular Driveway

Circular driveway

A fancier twist on driveways, circular ones aren’t always circular. Some have more of a semi-circle shape. It has great curb appeal, gives more room for cars, and makes it easier to get in and out.

Driveway Landscape Ideas

1. Tree Roundabout

Tree in the middle of a driveway roundabout

You can break up the look of your driveway with a tree! Well, it can work that way. Most people use this when they don’t want to pay to take the tree down. Or they like the tree where it is but want or need a driveway where it is.

Driveway Edging Ideas

1. Stairs

Stairs leading to the house as part of a retaining wall along a driveway

You can break up the climb by having more stairs! Shallower stairs are easier to climb. If you can break up the stairs with some flat land it’ll be even easier. They also give people a direction for how to best enter your home. There are plenty of pictures of stone stairs to use for ideas.

2. Shrubs 

Shrubs are a great driveway landscape idea for privacy

This driveway edging idea is ideal for privacy and noise reduction. It’s more of a natural look than a fence or wall. In fact, it’s more of a living wall than anything.

3. Different Color Stone Edging

Black stone edging for driveway

The difference here makes it easier to see where the edges are. It’s another buffer right before the landscaping starts. This should help keep your plants and mulch safe from tires. 

4. Retaining Walls


You can use these for more than marking the edges of your driveway. Retaining walls can give you more flat ground. You can use this flat ground for plantings, statues, or other driveway landscaping ideas.

5. Plant Containers

Retaining walls and plant containers as drivway edging ideas

This is almost a combination of driveway edging and landscaping ideas. The containers provide an edge while the plants are more like landscaping. You can change which plants are in the containers too! It’s a unique, fun, and colorful idea.

Driveway Lighting Ideas

1. Wall lights

Wall lighting on wood edging down a driveway

Putting lights on the walls running by your driveway is a great idea. It highlights the walls so people can see them clearly. It’s also cool to see how the light and walls interact.

2. Lamposts

Lamp post driveway lighting idea

The lamposts at the front of the driveway are a classic driveway lighting idea. You can use them to give your home a more regal, elegant feel.

3. Uplighting

Uplighting along driveway and house

This is also a sort of driveway edging idea. The uplights can make walls, trees, and other landscape items along your driveway stand out. You can use them to make your driveway and home look more amazing.

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“These are some great ideas! And the pictures are of projects from around Maryland so we know they’re local,” says Shane excitedly. “I wonder what else they can do,” asks Emma.

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