3 Best Drought Resistant Plants For Bethesda Summers

Mary loves her beautiful garden but she doesn’t like having to put a lot of time and effort into keeping it that way during summer.

All of her plants need frequent watering and care during summer because of the high heat and low water. This means 1-2 hours of dirt and sweat every day. That’s about 10 waking hours of work every week because she doesn’t have any drought resistant plants.

Mary would rather be spending those 10 hours reading, pursuing her interests, and spending time with her friends and family. But she can’t while trapped in her yard.

She isn’t the only one caught in this cycle.

Many of Mary’s neighbors, friends, and coworkers also spend more time doing yard labor than they want in the summer heat. They aren’t bad gardeners. It’s the plants that aren’t doing well.

Which means 1 part of her garden needs to change.

If she wants to work less during summer and enjoy more of her time, there is one major change she needs to make happen. It’s not her gardening habits or tools that need to change, it’s her choice in plants.

Drought resistant plants like Blue Wild Indigo, Black-Eyed Susan, Yarrow, Gaillardia, and Bearded Iris are ideal for dry summers. It’s their deep root system that makes them drought tolerant. This means they will look great in almost any garden, even during the driest parts of summer.

Mary is deciding which of these 5 drought resistant plants she will put in her yard. The first one she’s looking at is Blue Wild Indigo.

1. Blue Wild Indigo/Blue False Indigo

Interesting how this summer perennial has 2 colors in its name, isn’t it? Even though it can’t make up its mind it is still a gorgeous plant.

Photo by Jean-Pol GRANDMONT – creative commons license 3.0

It’s also low maintenance and resistant to drought. This makes it an ideal plant for Mary’s garden.

This shrub produces beautiful indigo-colored flowers sometime between March-May. It attracts pollinators like butterflies to bring beautiful life to her yard.

2. Black-Eyed Susan

From June – October Mary can enjoy these cheerful yellow flowers. Black-eyed Susans are part of the sunflower family, as can be seen in their bright yellow petals and dark colored centers.

Mary will likely see an increase in butterflies and birds in her yard. This is because these drought tolerant flowers attract them. Thankfully, they are deer resistant so she won’t have to worry about them being eaten.

3. Yarrow

Mary likes yarrow because of its dainty, lacy-like appearance. They mostly come in shades of white or yellow.

She also likes yarrow because it adds a pleasant scent to her yard when it blooms from April – July. This drought resistant plant can add a beautiful aesthetic to Mary’s yard if she chooses to plant them.

Yarrow is also known to repel bad insects and attract good ones like ladybugs.

Create A Yard That Will Last

Having a beautiful yard during the waterless parts of summer can be easier for Mary. These drought resistant plants will add beauty to her garden all summer. The best part is she won’t have to work hard to make it happen.

Which of these would you want: Blue Indigo, Black-Eyed Susan, or Yarrow? We’d love to know your favorite, just put it in the comments below.

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