Eco-Friendly Landscaping Ideas You Can Do Right Now

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Yard Is Go Natural
Backyard with plenty of plants a walkway and furniture

You can help the planet and even your wallet by following some of these eco-friendly landscaping ideas. Plant the right plants, use less water, and more!

See all of the ideas below-

The Grass Will Be Greener On This Side

“Just you wait, our grass and yard will be greener!”

Jane Graystohk smiles devilishly as she plans how to go green with her yard. John looks a little worried. “What are you planning dear?” Jane’s smile widens as she looks over at John. “I am going to create the best yard in the neighborhood only using natural, eco-friendly materials,” she says proudly.

Front yard that is eco-friendly due to the lack of grass

John nods his head. “That sounds brilliant! How can I help?” Jane gives him a tight hug. “All I need is for you to support me and lend me a helping hand.”

John hugs her back. “Of course. I guess the first thing to do is look up eco-friendly landscaping ideas, right?” Jane nods her head as she pulls out her phone to do some digging. “Hopefully it includes some plants for better curb appeal,” she says.

Here is what the couple finds-

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

A few eco-friendly landscaping ideas include using organic fertilizers, adding plants, using recyclable materials, and watering less. These ideas can make your yard look better without stretching your wallet. It’s also better for the planet because these ideas are natural.

Plants next to a walkway

“Ok, these ideas are pretty easy and simple. Some of them we can do, or start doing, right now.”

Organic fertilizers are better because they have more actual nutrients the plants need. You can do this or start composting to make your own! All you need to do is know how to recycle yard debris.

Weeds can be added to compost piles

“That could be a fun little project to try. Save the earth, save money, and help our yard,” Jane says. “As for the plants we already have plenty of ideas for that,” John replies.

If you have an open deck or patio (or are considering building one) consider using recyclable materials instead of the standard wood and stone. Recyclable materials are basically the same but cheaper and less damaging to the environment.

An eco-friendly landscaping idea everyone can do is water less

“And we don’t water every day, nor do we need to. Only if there’s a drought and our plants need it,” Jane points out. “But if there’s a drought we need to conserve water anyways. Imagine having the only green lawn during a drought,” John counters.

You can learn how to save water for your yard.

More Resources For You

“Well, this is a great list to start with. Plant more, go natural, and use less water,” Jane summarizes. John cracks his knuckles. “Let’s get started.”

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