Fall Flowers: 3 Beautiful Types Everyone Wants

Fall flowers can beautify your Maryland home. These 3 are some of the most popular choices due to their colors and/or low maintenance. You can use any combination of them to make your yard look amazing for fall. 

Let’s take a closer look at these fall flowers.

Emily is getting her home ready for fall – inside and out.

Right now she is coming up with the best fall flowers design she can think of. It has to be better than the one she did last year. There is no way she is going to repeat a design again either.

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That’s why Emily is currently traveling through the aisles of her local garden center. 

There are beautiful fall flowers everywhere: pansies, dahlias, lilies, chrysanthemums, and more. Any of them can add unique design elements and splashes of color to her yard.

Emily has a small list going of the few she is planning on using:

Fall Flowers: 3 Popular Types

1. Pansy: many colors, full to partial sun, easy care
2. Celosia: fall colors, coral/flame flowers, annual, medium care
3. Dahlia: Grow 12 inches to several feet, full sun, medium care

She grabs a cart and NASCAR’s it to the first set of fall flowers she is going to purchase. 


This is one of the more popular fall flowers.

It’s because they are cute flowers. Emily spies the ones she wants as she stops her cart:

Each pansy is like a little painting. Small bursts of colors on each petal are in turn part of the larger burst of color the entire flower brings. The orange is perfect for when it’s fall and the white for early winter.

Emily picks out a few and moves on to the next of her fall flowers.


This unique fall flower makes a bold statement everywhere it grows.

Emily is going to use these flowers to create a masterpiece in her yard. Any of the 3 types of celosia can turn her yard into a fall fantasy. Reds, oranges, yellows, purples, and other fall colors will be dancing in her yard.

She can use Cockscomb to create something especially amazing:

A dry land coral reef! Many people compare the varieties of Cockscomb to coral. If you really want to go with the theme, a few fish garden stakes would fit in well.

Now Emily is off to collect her final fall flower.


Emily may have a slight challenge with this fall flower.

That’s why she is buying the dwarf version. It only grows to 12 inches in height, so she won’t have to worry about caring for a 5 foot or higher plant.

They do look beautiful though:

Garden Flower Dahlia Nature Plant Summer Leaf

Emily finally has all the fall flowers she wants. She is going to create a fantastic fall design. All she has to do is put them in her backyard and give them the care they need.

Which Fall Flower Is Your Favorite?

Fall is a beautiful time of year. We would love to know what flowers you beautify (or want to beautify) your home with. You can tell us your favorite in the comments below.

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