Fall Garden

As summer is ending, fall is just around the corner. Today’s blog is about preparing your garden for the coming new season!

The fall weather is going to change the color around your home. Turning your greens into bright yellows and oranges – everything screams fall. So to help your garden along and make sure that it is ready for fall, plant these flowers around the home, they’ll last throughout the entire season.

Best Fall Flowers

1. Pansies.


They’re best suited to sunny or partially shaded locations. They provide the perfect touch of fall color and they are low-maintenance, allowing you to stay in and make your garden look effortless for fall.


2. Perennials.


These flowers are essentially perfect for any ideal weather and season. Perfect transitionals. These are also low-maintenance and will provide that fall color and growth that you want for the new season.


3. Berry trees.


Vegetables may not be the best choice for your garden, but certain fruit trees are! They will last through the cold and heat and their tiny bursts of color will brighten up your garden. Consider planting red or orange berries to further brighten up the fall look around the garden.


These are just simple ways to prepare for the fall season. Planting new plants and essentials are the perfect way to end a great summer and welcome a new season!