Fall Landscaping

Even though a new season has arrived it doesn’t mean that you have to stop working on your landscaping projects!

It’s actually the exact opposite. Fall is the perfect time to start new by preparing your garden for the next summer, but it doesn’t mean that your garden has to look wintery and uninviting just yet!

Today’s blog is dedicated to prepping your garden for the coming new season and to maintain that beauty year round.

First things first, don’t stop treating your lawn! It may not grow as much and you may not need to cut it every week, but you still need to treat your lawn by fertilizing and seeding it so that it looks stellar throughout the season and for the next warm season.

In addition to that, you can still add a bit of color to your garden during the fall season. It may not be as bright and colorful as you want it to be like the summer, but with these floral arrangements you will have a pretty good looking garden during the fall.

The best fall flowers are: asters, chrysanthemums, and shrubs. Most of these flowers come in a variety of colors so you can still have some of that playful color in your backyard intended for the fall season. These three flowers are best for fall since they hold up well in the rain and cold. Plus, they’re low maintenance!

With these great tips, not only will your garden look great throughout the fall, but the time it takes to maintain it is much less!

Kick start fall with these tips and your garden will surely pop!