Landscaping Bethesda | Green Landscaping

Today’s post is all about conservation and making everything GREEN.

Eco-friendly designs around the home are the latest trend today, especially if it allows us to save the planet and money!

The fact that everyone can go green does not mean that everyone has to go about it the same way. Take some time to look outside your window and walk around the home and design “green” according to your style and taste!

Make going green all about you. Make it unique.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Fertilizer is the number one thing to quickly get started on going green.

You want all your plants and vegetables in your yard to have a healthy, vibrant look and the easiest way (and probably the only way) to achieve that is by going organic.

Organic products have more nutrients that plants need than chemically produced ones do. Think of it this way: The only way to get natural things is to start natural.

SO, either buy organic soil or simply make your own by composting.


2. This is the fun tip. Going green means decorating with tons of plants and flowers. And since all of them are naturally grown and fresh, plant as many as you want around the yard.

Plants and flowers quickly adds a vibrant appeal  to your home and you’re already making it greener since they’re plants!


3. If you have an open deck or patio (or considering building one), when you select the materials, consider using recyclable materials, instead of the standard wood and stone. Recyclable materials essentially give you the same allure but it’s a lot cheaper and less damaging to the environment!


4. Being green means lack of green! What I mean by that is, use less water.

You don’t have to water the plants or your lawn every single day. Just have the natural rain water do the trick!

Besides, if everyone else is in a drought and you have a vibrant green lawn, that screams a lack of conservation. So sometimes going green doesn’t always mean being green.


Hopefully these quick and easy tips will get you and your home in a greener spirit!