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Hardscape Features Bring Value to Landscape

To have a landscape that truly stands out and has a welcoming appearance, you want definition and orderliness to the overall space. A well-designed plan from a professional landscape design artist will ensure you have the most inviting space.

When designing an outdoor living space for your home or business, you need to first take it all in as is. Walk the property and see how the space is currently being used. What is the interior space of the yard going to be used for? What areas of the yard can be seen from inside the home? The hardscape is usually the first element that is designed since it is not as easy to move later like plants are. Knowing where to place the patio, walkways, and paths will help the designer plan the flow of the landscape.

Each hardscape piece serves a specific function to make the outdoor space not only usable but inviting as well as easier to maintain, especially in the higher traffic areas. Creating walkways, borders or retaining walls can help to draw attention to specific landscape areas, plantings, and gardens. Patios become an extension to the home, offering another room to entertain, relax, dine, and enjoy nature with your family and friends. If installed properly, hardscapes can last several decades!

Water features can be an excellent addition to any landscape. The gentle sound of a waterfall, a glistening pond filled with frolicking fish, these can be a fun and entertaining focal point to your garden. Fountains are another feature that can create a great ambiance for your home. There are so many options to choose from and can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire.

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