Hardscape Maintenance | Potomac Landscaping

All of us wish everything was maintenance free.  But that just isn’t the case when it comes to the outdoors.  We create beautiful landscapes that need to be taken care of to ensure they stay looking beautiful over the years.

Plantings definitely need maintenance, but what about your patio?  Does it look the same as it did two or three years ago?  Probably not!  Pavers and stone work need to be cleaned every year. Moss and mold can start to grow in the joints and in the polymeric sand, if the surface was not sealed after installation or maintained properly.

Great American Landscapes has an excellent Paver Rejuvenation Program that will clean your patio, pavers, walkway and/or driveway surfaces, as well as seal them.  Concrete surfaces and pavers should be cleaned annually and sealed every three years to protect your investment.

Our Program includes:

–        Using the correct cleaners for your specific paving material
–        Cleaning surfaces with a powered surface cleaner (not a power washer)
–        Buffer lifts old sand and stains out of surfaces and joints
–        Installation of fresh polymeric sand (sand stabilization)
–        Sealing surfaces with specific top material to fit your desired appearance (color enhancing, matte finish, or gloss finish)


When is a good time to have this work done?
Surface cleaners can be operated anytime.  They look and operate like floor buffers.  Stains are removed much easier this way, compared to typical pressure washing techniques.

Sealer should be applied when air temperature is above 55 F. Best results are obtained by applying sealer during cooler temperatures (fall and spring).  If you wait until the summer months, we will apply the sealer in the morning or evening hours, when surface temperatures should be less than 90 degrees.

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