Hardscaping: What to consider?

 Hardscaping:  What to consider?


Hardscaping offers many different options and can create a beautiful new outdoor room on your property.  Your options can range from a sleek Bluestone patio, pavers, brick walkways, to a rugged dry-stacked garden wall, and so many more!  So where do you start?



There are significant benefits to designing and contracting for Hardscape installations in the winter months.  For example, if you wait until April to start planning your new patio, it could take anywhere from six to eight weeks until installation actually begins.  We would rather see you enjoy your patio during the mild Spring evenings and not wait.

Installation is also easier on your lawn during the winter.  Less damage to your lawn makes for a cleaner and easier process.

Another benefit would be the cost difference of installing Hardscapes in the winter.  Designers and suppliers see a big push in the Spring and early Summer, so it is smart to get in front of the rush.  So why not get the best for less AND in time to enjoy it!


Current Landscaping, Site Conditions, Planning & Designing  

Consider your entire current landscaped and lawn areas and create a comprehensive plan for those spaces.  Even if you plan on phasing in different aspects, it is good to have a clear vision, for you and your contractor, of how it will all blend and fit together.

Be mindful of drainage.  How does water currently flow through your property? Do you have any drainage issues?  Patios and walls can greatly affect this, and if done correctly, can improve your drainage.  If they are done poorly, you can have some serious issues, inside and outside of your home.

As you plan out new Hardscape projects, think about focal points, views from inside, and what you enjoy doing outside.  Great American Landscapes has skilled designers that will guide you through this process.


Soften Those Edges

Make sure you do not forget about plant material.  Not only will plantings and lawn areas create a more visually appealing space, they can cool down stone on hot summer days, and create safer areas for children to play around your Hardscape surfaces.


Hire a Professional

Maximize your time, money, and enjoyment with your new project by giving Great American Landscapes a call today!  We have been installing many different Hardscapes, for over 28 years. Our experienced staff can help you choose the right material to match your style and budget, and ensure that you have an excellent experience, from start to finish.  Contact Great American Landscapes today, and be one step closer to a newly hardscaped outdoor living space.