Holiday Landscaping Tips

The holidays are here! These are some fun decorating ideas that will complement your existing landscaping for a beautiful and festive home.\

Light existing trees
Put trees on a solitary tree in your yard is a nice look. Wrap lights around the branches, but look out for delicate spring blooming branches. Put lights along a path that leads to you door.

Fill planters with decor
Outdoor pots should be emptied of summer or fall plants and soil during the winter. If they are weatherproof, fill them with cut evergreen boughs, branches and berries for a festive planter that’s reusing existing plants. It’s like an outdoor floral arrangement.

Use small trees in your front entrance
Small pine trees in potted containers will look great at your front entrance. Plus, you can always plant the tree in your yard after the holidays! The potted tree can be decorated with other seasonal decor like holly and winterberry to last all season.