How to Avoid Lawn Damage on Halloween

When you’ve got a perfectly manicured lawn and landscaping in your front yard, figuring out how to decorate for Halloween and greet trick-or-treaters without wreaking havoc can be tough. Here’s a few tips to avoid lawn damage this Halloween.


  1. Clear a Path

Make a clearly defined path for kids to take. Line it with lights or other decorations for a fun and festive way to keep people in one place. Lights are also helpful for safety, so no one accidentally trips on your flowers or yard decorations.

  1. Front Door Alternatives

If there isn’t a way to get to your front door without walking through your lawn (or if its just too tempting for people, try greeting kids somewhere else. Camp out in your driveway, with a portable fireplace and a thermos so you can stay cozy outside all night long. Or you can even turn your garage into a haunted house! If you live in a cul-de-sac, you can team up with your neighbors and make an one-stop trick or treating situation in the middle of the street.

3.Decorate wisely

Use decorations to make a fence or border around your lawn. This minimizes damage to your grass, and sets a clear warning to stay off (but in a festive way).