How To Improve Your Curb Appeal Right Now In 7 Ways

You Can Make Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home Look Even More Amazing

You can learn how to improve curb appeal right now! Green up your lawn, plant colorful flowers, invest in some landscape lighting, and use a few other ideas.

Find all 7 ideas with pictures in the post below-

Time To Spruce Things Up

“A tree joke? Really? Hahaaa, that’s so fitting!” Emma laughs.

Spruce trees forming a hedge of sorts

Shane smiles in return. “But, really, why not plant a spruce tree to improve our curb appeal? They look nice and it’s a great joke for company.” 

Emma smiles and rolls her eyes. “Maybe, ok? I found a list of ways for how to improve curb appeal. The ideas are really good and most of them are pretty easy. We can even do some of them right now! Well, once we get the materials and stuff.”

Planting flowers as part of how to improve curb appeal

“Great! What all’s on this list?” Shane asks. Emma picks up her phone and opens a page on her Internet browser. “Here you go,” she says, handing her phone to Shane.

Here is the list of curb appeal improvements she found:

7 Ways To Improve Curb Appeal For Summer

  1. Green up your lawn
  2. Add colorful plants for the appropriate season
  3. Landscape lighting
  4. Plant a tree or two
  5. Line walkways and the driveway with plants
  6. Make use of hanging baskets and planters
  7. New layers of mulch
Front yard with plants is a great way to improve curb appeal

1. Greening Up Your Lawn

Fertilize and care for your lawn. For many homes, this is the largest part of the yard. Since it takes up the most real estate (ha, home jargon joke) it’s one of the first parts people focus on.

Fertilizing the grass

Your lawn needs different care depending on which season is coming up:

2. Adding Colorful Plants For The Season

Seasonal plants are a great way to make your home colorful and festive. Pinks and greens are perfect for spring. Oranges, reds, and yellows make for fabulous fall decor. Blues, whites, and purples work wonders during the winter.

Adding colorful plants and flowers helps improve curb appeal big time

3. Installing Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the few ways you can improve curb appeal at night. Make sure passers-by can enjoy your beautiful plantings and other front yard decorations.

Pathway lighting increases safety

Landscape lighting can also line pathways and driveways. This makes it easier for you and others to see where to step or drive.

4. Planting Trees

Not only are you helping the environment but you’re also helping your curb appeal. Trees bring up images of rope swings, picnicking in the shade, and relaxing on warm summer days. You can even get flowering trees like cherry trees!

White dogwood as an ornamental tree

5. Line Your Walkways And Driveways

You can use landscape lighting and plants to liven up your concrete areas. Shrubs, greens, and flowers add richness and life to the otherwise lifeless concrete. 

Walkway with beautiful pink hydrangeas lining it

6. Hanging Baskets And Planters

These let you add color and life to the highs and lows of your home. Hanging baskets are great for porches and decks. Planters are great for beside entrances.

Front porch with hanging baskets and planters

7. Adding Mulch

Add in some color and protect your plants at the same time. Mulch helps prevent weeds and moisture loss for your plants. It keeps them cooler in the summer and protects them from the cold in winter.

Adding mulch adds color and helps your plants thrive

Let’s Get Started!

Shane looks up at Emma. “This is a great list, way to go hon! What do you think we should start with first?” Emma smiles and claps her hands. “Wonderful! Honestly, I think we should look around this site for more information before we just jump into anything.”

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