How to Keep Your Yard Beautiful in Winter

Winter is here, but your yard doesn’t have to suffer! With these tips, your yard can look beautiful throughout the cold weather – even if you only enjoy it through a window.


-Add a tree or shrub with berries. These can provide a much-needed bit of color in an otherwise barren yard. Plus birds will love to come visit you for this sweet treat!


-When your yard gets heavy snow, your plants could be in danger of breaking under the weight. Gently brush the snow in an upward direction off the limbs and boughs. If they become coated with ice, leave them alone.


-Cover or bring your outdoor furniture indoors to the garage. Clay pots and other outdoor statues should also be brought indoors. Alternating freezing and thawing could cause these items to crack, so keep them safe and bring them inside. If they are too large to move, cover them with a plastic tarp.


-Put out a bird feeder! Select a birdseed mix that will attract the varieties of birds that are most common for your area.


Winter is also a great time to stock up on the nonplant elements you’ll need for the next year’s garden. Most likely all of these items will be on sale, so it might be the time to invest in a fountain or outdoor statue.