Find Out How To Create A Landscape For Your Front And Backyard In Maryland

Planning a landscape can be done in 9 steps. You’ll want to consider a few things about your landscape and what you want from it before you start.

Find all the steps and more below-

DIY Or Designer?

“For our landscape? I don’t know, what do you think?” Shane responds.

Emma chews her lip as she thinks. “I’d like to at least do some of the landscape planning on our own. We can always use a designer to flesh it out or for getting more ideas. We should definitely look at some outdoor living room ideas.”

Actual project done by our landscape designer and crew including patio, fireplace, and pergolas

Shane nods in agreement. “I like that plan. Our first step is probably to find out how to plan a landscape. Then we can put our ideas in and see what a designer thinks.” He pulls out his phone and starts searching for answers on Google.

After a few hours, here is what the couple finds on planning a landscape:

How To Plan A Landscape In 9 Steps

  1. Consider the purpose, maintenance level, neighborhood rules, and what you want
  2. Look at the sun patterns to know where to put certain plants
  3. Set a budget
  4. Measure your landscape
  5. Map out the dimensions
  6. Draw in parts that won’t be moved like hardscapes
  7. Create copies for different design ideas
  8. Draw in your basic plans and ideas including electrical and irrigation
  9. Add in any other ideas

5 Things To Consider Before Planning A Landscape

1. Who will be using your yard and what is its main purpose?

Consider if your yard is for playing with children, letting pets run around, or hosting outdoor entertaining. Different areas can be made for different activities, so it’s alright if it will be a multipurpose space.

How to plan a landscape that has multiple uses like this one

2. How much maintenance are you willing to put in?

Plants, landscapes, and structures all need maintenance. You can plan a landscape that’s low maintenance or one that needs a more hands-on approach.

Planting flowers

3. What types of plants do you like?

When making your landscape plan, it helps to have a few plants in mind that you would like to have. Make sure they will work in Maryland’s hardiness zones, otherwise, you’ll have a yard full of dead plants.

Front porch with hanging baskets and planters

4. Do you want to add a water feature, play structure, patio, or something else?

You may want to hire someone to install a larger structure or hardscape for you. While they are amazing and fun, it takes a lot of work to build any of them.

Koi pond with underwater lights

5. What are your neighborhood rules?

Some neighborhood associations have specific rules about what plants you can add and remove, large backyard structures, and more.

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“Awesome, now we can start planning our landscape!” Emma says excitedly. Shane nods, saying “I think we should start doing some research right here”: