How to Plan a Landscaping Project

Are you sick of looking at your backyard and getting bored? What that patch of grass might need is some landscaping! This could include anything from trees to plants to a deck to a fire pit! If you’re excited about designing a new landscape project with us, here’s how to get started.


Take a look at the yards in your neighborhood with an eye toward your own. Looking at houses a similar size and style to yours makes it easier to imagine how various features would look on your own property. Are there any plants or trees that catch your eye? Maybe a new feature you would like to build in your own yard? Use sites like Pinterest and Houzz to get inspired.


Sketch a map of your yard and roughly draw in features that you’d like. Our landscape design professionals can also create a to-scale map to plan your new yard.


Walk outside and look at the sun patterns. You might want a raised bed to grow vegetables near your neighbor’s yard. But a quick look lets you know that the bed would be shaded when their large tree leafs out in the spring. Put it elsewhere.


Go xeric, meaning add some water-wise plants. Your water bill will be lower, and with the right mix of plants, you’ll be supplying food for endangered pollinators. Not a bad deal to enjoy your yard more and make your little piece of earth more eco-friendly at the same time.