How To Recycle Your Yard Debris

You know you need to recycle, turn lights and water off when not in use, and do other things to reduce your carbon footprint. But are you thinking about your impact on the environment when you’re working in the yard?


Yard projects likely produce more waste than you realize. All those tree branches, lawn clippings, and other debris can quickly add up, and a lot of it goes directly to the landfill. Once in the landfill, it contributes to global climate change, and also takes up space and produces methane gas.


A great solution is to recycle your yard debris! There are a few ways to do this. First, some cities offer recycling options, so see if there’s a recycling center in your area.


You can also reuse your waste, which saves you a trip to the local compost and can save you money! Rent a shredder and turn your debris into mulch, which can be spread in thin layers around the base of plants. Mulch prevents weed growth,

retains water, adds nutrients back to the soil, and regulates soil temperature.


Composting your yard waste is also a good solution, and helps give back to the planet. Composting is easy, and is an environmental way to dispose of lawn waste as well as food waste.