How To Start Planning Your Landscape

Before you embark on a new landscape design for your yard, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Your landscape designer can work with you to determine the answers to these, but in the end, it’s your yard! Make sure you get the backyard you’ve always dreamed of with a little prep.


Who will be using your yard/what is it’s main purpose?

Consider if your yard is for playing with children, letting pets run around, or hosting outdoor entertaining. Different areas can be made for different activities, so it’s alright if it will be a multipurpose space.


How much maintenance are you willing to put in?

If you don’t have a green thumb and aren’t willing to pay for regular landscaping care, look into some plants that don’t require much care. On the other hand, if gardening is your passion, speak up to integrate plants that you can work on.


What types of plants do you like?

When making your landscape plan, it helps to have a few plants in mind that you would like to integrate. Do you like flowers, trees, bushes, grass? A designer will always appreciate your input. Make sure they will work in your climate, however, otherwise you’ll have a yard full of dead plants.


Do you want to add a water feature, play structure, patio, or something else?

The best thing about hiring a landscape designer is getting to install a fun feature like a fountain or gazebo! See if your yard has space for one of these items.


What are you neighborhood rules?

Some neighborhood associations have specific rules about what plants can be added (or removed) if large backyard structures are allowed, and more. Do your research and have the rules handy during your design meetings to make sure everything will be approved.