Ideas For Water Features In Your Garden

Water features are a wonderful addition to any garden. They add a sense of peace and serenity to your front or backyard oasis from the world. They also are a natural attraction for wildlife. From waterfalls to ponds and container gardens to bell fountains, there is something for every style and size of garden.

Do you have a spot in your yard that is always shady and nothing wants to grow? Think of adding a small fountain and surround it with shade-loving plants. This will fill in that bare spot and add height, texture and calming sounds to your landscape.

Bell fountains are another great addition to your garden. Especially for homes that have small pets or children where a traditional fountain or pond could pose safety hazards. Bell fountains add the relaxing sound of moving water to your environment while the water reservoir and mechanical parts are all safely nestled below the surface.

If you are limited by size and are looking for a water feature for your patio or a small deck, think about a container water garden. Implementing watertight pots with plants such as lotus, water canna or creeping Jenny, you can create an amazing small water garden quickly and easily.

Ponds are a very popular addition to many homes. Waterfalls can also be added to a pond which increases the beauty and calming effect of the water feature. In larger ponds, you can house several Koi fish and water plants to bring a very natural look to your garden.

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