Lovely Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Maryland Home

Brighten Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home And Love How It Looks At Night

You can use these landscape lighting ideas to create an amazing look for your home. Not only that but you can also enjoy your yard and use it more.

Find out how in the post below-

Time To Shed Some Light!

“Now the Smiths have the right idea!”

Karen looks over at Jane in surprise. “What do you mean?” Jane smiles knowingly. “We went over there last night for dinner and we ate outside! They put landscape lighting in their backyard and deck and it looks amazing.”

Landscape lighting ideas include illuminating decks

“I bet it’s beautiful! I’ve been trying to convince James to let us do the same thing but he won’t see the point. Maybe if I brought some ideas to him…” Karen murmurs thoughtfully.

Jane leans forward, eyes shining. “Then let’s find some! We can look for landscape lighting ideas together. Then, we’ll use them to show our husbands why we need landscape lighting.

They get out their phones and start looking. Here are the ideas they find-

Landscape Lighting Ideas

1. String lights for decks and pergolas

2. Water feature lighting

3. Pathway lights

String lights are an easy DIY backyard landscaping idea

The ladies scroll down to see what else they can find about these ideas. “Oh, these pictures are amazing!”

String Light Ideas For Landscapes

“These are now my must-have’s.”

You can use string lights in many ways and for many areas. Winding them around decks and through pergolas are popular uses.

String lights are an excellent landscape lighting idea for pergolas

“Wow! They don’t get in the way, they’re easy to use, and they kind of have that twinkling star look!” There are many styles of string lights too. Some are more industrial and modern while others have a more traditional look.

String lights used for deck

“No matter what you choose I think string lights are a win!” Karen says excitedly. Jane holds her phone out for Karen to see. “You think that’s exciting? Take a look at this!”

Water Feature Lighting

“This is too cool! The lights are under the water!

Koi pond with underwater lights

“Now that is neat! It creates a beautiful picture, let’s people see the pond at night, and makes it less scary to walk around a dark backyard.”

Water feature lighting can be more than just underwater. Having lights around the water feature can make it stand out and look even better than normal.

“You’re lucky you have a water feature Jane. I’d love to have one too,” Karen sighs. Jane nods in understanding as she scrolls down to the next landscape lighting idea.

Pathway Lights Increase Safety

“It’s like walking on light!”

Pathway lighting increases safety

Pathway lights help guide people. They can see where to walk and what to put their feet on. Path lights are also great for driveways. No more tire tracks or run over plants.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen tire marks on our grass. It happens more often than you’d think,” Jane tells Karen.

Time To Test It!

“Now we need to see if it’s enough to convince our husbands to get on board,” Karen says firmly.

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