Landscape Maintenance Bethesda

Great American Landscapes is so proud to be part of the Bethesda community. Year-round packages are available to help you get the best looking lawn as possible. Not only will your lawn and landscape look beautiful, but they will be healthy and more full of life.

For a newly seeded lawn, water every day for only five to ten minutes. You don’t want to overwater, and you don’t want to underwater. You only want to water enough to dampen the seeds. If you water too much, you might cause runoff that could wash them away or mar the surface with gullies. You’ll know it’s time to water a little more when the seeds sprout and the new grass is half an inch tall. When this happens, you can water once a day for about 15 to 20 minutes.

If you’re ready to have your lawn and plants maintained for fall, check out some of the packages and services we offer.  So if you are in the Bethesda area and surrounding towns, call us today at 301-972-5681 so we can take care of your landscape maintenance. We can get you set up on a lawn-care schedule that fits your needs and will keep your landscape looking great.




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