Landscape Maintenance Kensington

Great American Landscapes is proud to be part of the Kensington community. We specialize in beautiful landscape maintenance packages and services that are sure to please.

There are many things you can do to make sure your lawn is well taken care of. It’s important to make sure that you are doing what you can to help your lawn be as beautiful as it can be.

One way to make sure your lawn is lush and green is by mowing it properly. You have to be wary of the type of mower you have, how high your blades are, and that your mower is properly maintained. If your mower isn’t right for your lawn, your lawn won’t look right. You should consult with a professional, such as a landscape artist or a hardware store associate, to find the best mower for your area and type of grass. Your mowing technique is also important. Some lawns require more mowing than others. Some need little mowing. It’s important to make sure how you mow your lawn is correct for your specific grass.

The best way to make sure your lawn is being mowed correctly is by having a professional do it for you. There are so many factors to be concerned with, and having an expert around to do it for you will ensure that your lawn is as lush and green and beautiful as it can possibly be.

Great American Landscapes has many solutions for any of your fall landscaping needs, as well as any services you need done throughout the rest of the year. If you’re ready to have your lawn and plants prepared for fall, check out some of the packages and services we offer  So if you are in the Kensington area and surrounding towns, call us today at 301-972-5681 so we can take care of your landscape maintenance. We can get you set up on a lawn-care schedule that fits your needs and will keep your landscape looking great.