Landscape Maintenance Rockville

If you are in the Rockville area or surrounding towns and want some help with maintaining your landscape, give Great American Landscapes a call. The fall is a great time to get your landscape maintained and have a beautiful lawn by the time spring comes. One of the things that you need to have down to your lawn is aeration. Aeration helps make sure your soil is receiving the best nutrition it can. Soil needs oxygen to survive and thrive, and aeration maintains that the nutrients of the oxygen reach to the roots of the grass.

If your lawn isn’t properly aerated, there will be a growth of toxins, which can be devastating to your soil, plants, and grass. Also, improper aeration can lead to disease development. At Great American Landscapes, we can make sure your lawn is adequately aerated so that your lawn will receive all the nutrients it needs. It’s only one of our many services that are available to make sure your landscape is absolutely beautiful.

We offer lots of maintenance services to make sure your lawn is perfect for you. Also, we can customize any of them so that you are completely satisfied with your newly well-maintained lawn. So if you are in the Bethesda area and surrounding towns, call us today at 301-972-5681 so we can take care of your landscape maintenance. We can get you set up on a lawn-care schedule that fits your needs and will keep your landscape looking great.