Landscape Trimming Tips

Your yard isn’t all about grass and flowers, don’t forget to keep your shrubs in top shape this summer! Bushes, trees, shrubs, and other landscaping elements need upkeep so they don’t take over your yard. If you are new to trimming plants, there’s just one small trick you need to keep your yard beautiful.


Remember the four D’s when it comes to pruning bushes. Start with the dead and damaged branches, because they encourage rot and disease and not to mention, make the plant look bad. Then cut out the dried, or otherwise diseased, branches to stop the disease before it spreads. Finally, “deranged,” these are branches are the branches that point in odd directions and look out of place with the bush. Remember, Dead, Damaged, Dried, and Deranged when pruning this summer. This easy trick will keep your shrubs healthy and thriving!


Don’t forget to call the professionals if you get overwhelmed. The team at Great American Landscapes is well prepared to care for any yard or outdoor space, whether for a residence or commercial space. Give us a call for a consultation. We can do regular landscaping upkeep, or even a big outdoor renovation to add a patio, fence, or trees! We are experts on native plants to know what will grow best in this climate, ensuring you get the perfect yard!