Landscaping Ideas From Projects In Maryland You Have To See

See The Ideas We And Our Clients Have Used To Create An Amazing Landscape For Their Home

Landscaping ideas coming together to win an award

These landscaping ideas include eco-friendly landscaping ideas, lighting ideas, front yard and backyard landscaping ideas, and more!

See them all in the post below-

Time To Kick It Up A Notch!

“So, we’re agreed then?!” Emma says, voice rising in excitement.

Shane let’s loose a big grin. “That we’re going to use landscaping ideas for front and back yards to improve our own? Yes, we are!” Emma smiles back. “Great! Now, all we need to do is actually look up ideas. Well, that’s the first thing. Then budgeting and calling contractors and so on.”

“Hopefully we’ll learn how to improve curb appeal along the way,” Shane says. Emma nods happily. “Yep, I’m sure we’ll be improving a lot of areas around our house!”

Emma whips out her phone. She opens Google and starts searching for landscaping ideas. After some searching, she finds a page with local landscape projects they can use for ideas.

Here is the page she finds:

Landscaping Ideas For Front Yards

Front yard landscaping mostly involves plantings and plant beds.

Landscaping ideas for front yard include benches and plantings

And you can make them look absolutely beautiful! The right plantings and design can have people slowing down and rubbernecking to see it. You can throw in some stone borders and benches too. They complement the plants and give you a place to sit and enjoy your yard.

Front yard with smaller plantings spaced out in a fun design

Landscaping Ideas For Backyards

This is where most people let their landscaping ideas run wild!

Backyard with plenty of plants a walkway and furniture

You can put in a patio, deck, pergola, outdoor kitchen, pool, water feature, an entire outdoor living space, or almost anything. There are so many different ideas that you’re sure to create a unique look.

Stream and natural area landscape ideas around a patio
Landscaping overlooking a lake
Actual project done by our landscape designer and crew

You can see even more landscaping ideas brought to life on our portfolio page >>

Landscape Lighting Ideas

  1. String lights for decks and pergolas
  2. Water feature lighting
  3. Pathway lights
String lights are an easy DIY backyard landscaping idea

String Light Ideas For Landscapes

You can use string lights in many ways and for many areas. Winding them around decks and through pergolas are popular uses.

String lights are an excellent landscape lighting idea for pergolas

There are many styles of string lights too. Some are more industrial and modern while others have a more traditional look.

String lights used for deck

Water Feature Lighting

These lights can go around and even in the water.

Koi pond with underwater lights

This is great for showing people the borders of your water feature. They can see where to walk without fear of stepping where they shouldn’t.

Water feature lighting can be more than just underwater. Having lights around the water feature can make it stand out and look even better than normal.

Pathway Lights Increase Safety

These are a great landscaping lighting idea for safety and ease of use.

Pathway lighting increases safety

Pathway lights help guide people. They can see where to walk and what to put their feet on. Path lights are also great for driveways. No more tire tracks or run over plants.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

A few eco-friendly landscaping ideas include using organic fertilizers, adding plants, using recyclable materials, and watering less. These ideas can make your yard look better without stretching your wallet. It’s also better for the planet because these ideas are natural.

Plants next to a walkway

Organic fertilizers are better because they have more actual nutrients the plants need. You can do this or start composting to make your own! All you need to do is know how to recycle yard debris.

Weeds can be added to compost piles

If you have an open deck or patio (or are thinking about building one) consider using recyclable materials instead of the standard wood and stone. Recyclable materials are basically the same but cheaper and less damaging to the environment.

Landscaping ideas of deck, patio, plantings, and more

Concerning your water use, there are a few ways to lower it. You can use xeriscape plants, aka plants that don’t need watering as often. Watering doesn’t need to happen every day for most plants. You can just water as needed which is usually every few days.

There are multiple ways for how to save water for your yard.

An eco-friendly landscaping idea everyone can do is water less

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“These are great! We definitely need to check out the rest on their portfolio page,” says Emma. Shane smiles again. “Perfect! We can also see what other posts are on here. Might be some good nuggets of information we can use.”

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