Landscaping Tips for a Small Yard

Small yards might seem like a dead-end for landscaping, but there are many ways to take advantage of the space and turn it into your outdoor oasis.

Window Boxes – Beautify your home and give you space to grow herbs, flowers, and small fruits and vegetables. You don’t need ground space to garden after all!

Built-In Seating – Bench seating against walls or fences can free up more space for greenery.

Visually Expand – A diagonal pattern visually elongates dimensions and makes tiny spaces look expansive. Use paving stones to draw the eye across the space.

Reconsider Grass- A small patch of grass seems nice, but remember you’ll still need to mow and fertilize it, which can be a pain for small areas. Consider filling your yard exclusively with plants, and perhaps a stone path.

Pick the right plants – A small yard might not have as much sunshine as other larger spaces, so make sure the plants you choose will grow. Luckily there are plenty of beautiful, hardy plants that will help your backyard shine.

Use Smaller Décor – A large couch or planter quickly eats up all available yard space. Consider a small table and chairs, and a mixture of smaller planters for décor that fits the space.