Landscaping Tips To Save Money

Great landscaping work can unfortunately get expensive. While some of these are necessary costs for a healthy yard that fits your lifestyle, there are little tricks to help keep it in budget.

Decide how much design you want. Although it’s less expensive to build a square patio or deck, it’s no bargain if you find the result so unappealing that you don’t use it. Make sure you discuss your lifestyle and what you want with your landscape designer.

Go in phases. Few people have the financial resources to landscape their property all at once. Divide your project into phases, and pay as you go with funds on hand. Start with a deck, then move to plants, then add paving.

DIY where you can. You can work with a professional team for some elements, but do things like planting yourself. Things that are beyond your skill level are worth paying a professional, but you could also have a consultation session, then do some of it yourself from their plan.

Plan according to season. Lumber for outdoor projects is often cheaper during winter months. Save money on trees, shrubs, perennials, soil, and mulch by buying late in the season. Don’t rush out to buy newly released plant varieties, which may be expensive initially because supply is low and demand is high. Your landscape designer can offer guidance on this as well.