Landscaping Potomac | Lights!

Landscaping is all about making the most out of your land. So you definitely want to show off and enhance the features you love most around the home.

One of the easiest ways to quickly enhance your home is through light!

Lighting fixtures immediately add a touch of quality and brightness to areas that you want to show off the most.

Here are some simple tips and placements that you can use to quickly make your home a local attraction.

1. If you have a long house, consider putting solar light fixtures around the home. Not only will the length be defined but the solar lights allow for greater visibility at night.

**The fact that they are completely solar powered means that it’s at no cost to you and the sun is supplying all the natural energy you need.

2. If you have a deck, string a line of lights around the closed portion of the deck. That way, at night, when you have guests over or when you are relaxing in your backyard, the lights will bring out the back portion of your home and draw attention to the festivities and outline of the home.

3. If you have lamps or lights outside of your home – the front door or porch area, consider updating to a more modern look.

Since the front of the home is the main attraction, you want to make sure that you take every opportunity to hold the viewer’s attention and create a sense of modern decor in the front of the home.

Again, you can use solar light fixtures to do this. Remember that solar energy provides the same amount of light and brightness that you need, it just uses the sun’s renewable energy rather than electricity.

The difference? You don’t have to pay for one of them!

4. If you have a spacious backyard and you’re not making the most of your space or if you are thinking about rearranging areas to expand it, consider putting in a lighted fountain.

Not only will the calmness of the rushing water from the fountain create that calm nature, a lighted fountain will illuminate the water which will reflect and light up your yard in an even greater way for added appeal.


These are just a few quick ideas to help you get started!

And remember, if you’re looking for ways to save money, one of the biggest tips is to conserve energy and use solar energy! Think of it as free energy, switch to energy efficient bulbs and you’ll see dramatic results.