Money-Saving Landscaping Tips

Landscaping your yard doesn’t have to be expensive! Try these tips to keep costs low and still get a beautiful yard.
Build in phases
Divide your project into phases (deck, grill area, trees, gardening, etc) and pay as you go forward with each phase. You’ll be able to adjust your budget accordingly and pay as you go.

Cheaper is not always better
Going to specialty sroes might be more expensive than a large home improvement warehouse, but the level of service and guarantees on purchases will recoup your investment. More complicated projects should be done with a business that can help you through the process, including choosing and installing equipment.

Time your purchases
When you buy your materials can help you save big. Lumber for outdoor projects is often cheaper during winter months. Save money on trees, shrubs, perennials, soil, and mulch by buying late in the season.

Work with a professional
Don’t get in over your head and over your budget. Hiring a professional landscape designer will help you create and build something stunning. Even if you can’t afford a designer to work with you on the entire project, paying for a consultation will save you costly mistakes later on.